Why Is It So Important To Find Out Who You Really Are?

This question could be looked at from many perspectives, but we will focus on the most important one, but also the most difficult.

We are not going to examine our personalities, not our likes and dislikes, not even our passions.

We will go much deeper than that, we will attempt to get a glimpse of the essence of us and at the same time realize who we truly are.

We will not worry about things and attributes that change but rather the everlasting and unchanging concepts of ourselves.

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Why Is It So Important To Find Out Who You Really Are?

“By establishing your Source it establishes your Identity, and it describes you as you must really be in truth.” – (ACIM, W-35.3:2)

The most important thing about finding out who you really are is that it will determine how you see yourself, others, and the entire world.

Answering this question will determine the kind of life experiences you will have.

It will determine whether you are happy or miserable.

Whether you live in love or fear.

It will decide if you are in heaven or hell.

Now, is that not a worthy enough reason to put in the necessary efforts to find out who you really are?

Of course, what could be more important?


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Imaginary Choices

“Your goal is to find out who you are, having denied your Identity by attacking creation and its Creator.” –  (ACIM, W-62.2:3)

We think we have choices.

We think we decide who we want to be and live our lives accordingly.

But this is not so, we have not created ourselves therefore it is not up to us to decide who we really are.

Who and what we are was already decided by our creator.

But before we start getting upset about what was just said, let’s explore further.

Our worth is not determined by us, or the world around us.

This is good news!

That means that despite what we currently think and what we think the world thinks about us does not matter.

We are pure love, unlimited and free, happy and joyful.

We just think we are something else.

And because our creator gave us free will, we are free to believe that for as long as we choose to.

But why are we choosing to believe in this very limited version of ourselves?

Why are we choosing to live the small life when the grand life that we were meant to live awaits us?

Let’s not waste any more time.

Let’s explore who we really are.


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What Am I?

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” –Carl Jung

Who could ask such a question?

Anyone that refuses to recognize what he/she already is.

If we ARE, which we are because we exist, how can we not know what we are?

This contradiction only proves that what we think we are cannot be true otherwise we would not be questioning it.

To be alive and not know who we are is to believe we are really dead.

But who we really are cannot die, therefore we must be very confused about our own identity.

Everyone can relate to that.

We are all searching as we all sense that the lives we are living are not and cannot be enough.

What is life if not to be yourself?

Therefore, who is doubting what we really are?

Who is searching for answers?

Obviously not the real you, because to be alive is to know who you are.

This only states that you are not yourself and believe that you are something else.

By thinking you are something else, you question who you truly are.

And yet by being alive, you know the answer.

By not acknowledging the answer, you simply demonstrate that you do not choose to be who you really are.

You have decided that thinking about what you are instead is more valuable to you.

But your denial has made no difference in who you really are.

You are yourself, however, you have split your mind into what knows who you are and does not know the truth.

If this sounds like madness, it really is.

Nothing this world believes in is sane.

It is a place that those who do not know themselves call home.

Your whole purpose in this world is to question who you really are.

And we will be here for as long as we learn that it is impossible to doubt who you really are.


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How Simple Is The Answer?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

All you have to do is to accept the truth for what you really are is certain.

Let us not allow our minds to occupy themselves with senseless contemplations such as this.

We have a mission here.

We did not come here to continue with the insane ideas of the world.

We have come here to transcend them and find the truth.

It is not just the happiness that we are seeking.

For what we accept as what we are we proclaim what everyone else must be, along with us.

We need to learn to look lovingly at our brothers and sisters so that they can learn who they truly are, and us along with them.

Earlier I said that there is no choice.

You do not decide who you truly are because you did not create yourself.

However, you do have free will.

You believe that you can decide who you truly are, and as such you are choosing to believe in a limited version of yourself.

You believe that you are temporary and only exist in time and space.

You, however, do not understand that by choosing to believe in this illusion of yourself you are seeing your fellow brothers and sisters as such.

You are also creating a temporary world to accompany your body, the limited version of yourself.

Are we satisfied with this version of ourselves?

Clearly not, because nearly everyone in the world is doubting and questioning who they truly are.

If you acknowledged who you truly are, there would be certainty.

You would not be spending your whole life trying to determine who you are.

Think about this for a moment:

Once you choose to believe the truth about who you are, the whole world and everyone else will change as well.

Once you experience yourself as the unlimited divine love you are, everyone else will become that too.

Is this not a worthy goal to pursue?

In addition to releasing yourself from hell, you would be releasing everyone else and the entire world.

What about their free will? you might ask.

Just like you, everyone is free to believe whatever they want to believe about themselves.

However, by changing how you see them and treating them as such you will be showing them by example how to be released from fear and limitation.

By acknowledging the truth in them, you would show them how to acknowledge the truth in themselves.

And together we would transition the world from hell to heaven.

In order to do that you must be willing to leave the world and the body that you think you are behind.

You must realize that you are not the body, the body is just a tool for you to use while on this earth.

The main thing that I struggled with when realizing this was the feeling of abandoning everyone.

true identity, who you really are, enlightment
When you come back you will bring peace, light, and joy back with you to share with everyone.

But it’s not like that at all.

They will be fine as they are for the next 10, 20, 30 minutes as you disassociate yourself from them and your body and search your mind for the truth.

They will be right where you left them when you return.

And you are not abandoning them, it’s the opposite, you are raising them up with you.

And when you come back, if you do this consistently enough, you will see them and everyone else with fresh eyes, eyes that will be able to see the truth.

When you come back you will bring peace, light, and joy back with you to share with everyone.

Are you not willing to give them that gift?

Are you not willing to help the world be released from darkness and misery?

I know I am.


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Do we really know who we are?

No, we obviously don’t.

If we did there would be no doubt in our lives. We would be certain.

No one is certain; therefore no one knows who they really are.

But this is good.

It all starts with acknowledging the uncertainty and embarking on the journey back to our true selves.

If we have the courage to look at ourselves and the world and realize that this is not the truth, we are making the journey from hell to heaven.

And we are taking everyone else and the world with us on it.


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What do you do when you need to find out who you truly are?

Well, you have started the journey of discovering who you really are by asking the question and acknowledging that you don’t really know.

From there, there the journey might be different for everyone but don’t worry, the guidance will be there if you are only willing to listen.

For me, the work includes a lot of quiet time.

Just sitting silently, quitting my busy mind so that I can hear the voice of my guide.

It also includes choosing light over darkness every minute of my waking life.

What does that look like?

Very simple, but extremely difficult.

When misery and painful thoughts and emotions come, I let them quietly rise up and pass right through me.

I don’t express it, or suppress it, I allow it to come up and I relax and release it.

This often feels like a panic attack but once you learn that it will not kill you, it gets easier and easier.

You just let it get through you and then it’s gone and what’s left is a sense of peace and joy.


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