Why Do I Feel Like I Don't Belong Here?

Do you ever look around your world and get the feeling that you do not belong here?

What is that feeling?

What does it mean?

Where does it come from?

What do we do about it?

Do we ignore it or do we pay more attention to it?

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Why Do I Feel Like I Don’t Belong Here?

“You do not belong in time. Your place is only in eternity, where God Himself placed you forever.” –  (ACIM, T-5.VI.1:6-7)

I get that feeling a lot.

It appears to be happening at random but I’m sure it’s not random at all.

It usually happens when I’m in the middle of something and I look up and get this disoriented, distant feeling; an uncomfortable feeling of not belonging.

I look around and although my eyes see familiar surroundings, nothing makes sense.

This is quite an uncomfortable feeling and my first reaction is to try to distract myself with something else.

Why Do I Feel Like I Don't Belong Here?
Why Do I Feel Like I Don’t Belong Here?

And it usually works.

If I get up and start moving around, the feeling is usually gone as suddenly as it appeared.

But there is a deeper voice in me that quietly suggests following that feeling instead of running away.

This is terrifying.

How can I follow this disturbing feeling of not belonging?

This is my home, my little place on earth that gives me comfort and allows me to hide when the world gets too much for me.

What would happen if I allowed this feeling to take me where it may?

Would my comfort place disappear? Would I?

And as I built the courage to face that feeling of not belonging, a quiet voice inside me starts to guide me and my fear and terror start to dissipate.

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Don’t Resist; Follow That Feeling

“The heart of the matter: You should never belong fully to something that is outside yourself. It is very important to find a balance in your belonging.” – John O’Donohue

A thought appears to me; what am I holding on to so hard?

The house, the trees, and the familiar objects of my home will eventually disappear.

The world I so hard try t hold on to is a world where children are born through pain and in pain. 

Their growth is accompanied by suppering as they learn sorrow and death. They appear to love yet the desert an are deserted.

Their minds seem to be trapped in their brain and their bodies hurt, age, and eventually die.

They appear to lose what they love.

And no one questions this insane world?

But is this a perception that I want to hold on to?

Do I want to believe in a version of a world where every single thing will eventually decay and die?

Is this what I want to believe that life is all about?

Of course not, but right now as terror and fear squeeze my throat, I scream in my mind, yes, I do, this is comfortable and this gives me reassurance right now, as temporary as it might be.

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The Real World – A Different State Of Being

But it’s ok.

I have managed to open the door to a different perception.

I have allowed the questions in.

I will never again be satisfied with what I see knowing that this cannot be true life.

And going forward, very gently, I will allow this feeling of not belonging to guide me to the truth of life and my true self.

If I’m being honest with myself, what does the world I see has to offer me: pain, illness, loss, age, and death?

Is that the world that I would choose to live in?

So the next time the feeling of not belonging here comes, I welcome it more.

I know it has the potential to show me a different version of the world.

A world of light, love, and peace.

But before I can even get a glimpse of the true world, I need to allow myself to let go, so stop valuing the current world of darkness that I have made out of fear.

A beautiful kingdom awaits me but instead, I choose to wander homeless in a world of pain and death.

I can choose again.

Let go of what I have made and accept what was created in light and love.

Once I do that, the bleak little world will vanish into nothingness and my heart will be filled with joy so complete that it will leap into heaven.

I really hope for me and you that our hearts are ready to experience that.

For if they are not, our dark journey will continue until they are.

This dark journey is our choice, but being a choice it can be changed at any time.

So don’t be afraid of this feeling.

It’s a guide and if followed it has great things to show you.

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If I don’t belong here, where do I belong?

Before we start answering that question, we first need to look at the I that we are talking about.

If by I, you mean the physical image that you created in your mind, then the answer is; you absolutely belong here.

In a temporary world of fear, pain, and death.

But if you realize that you are spirit and not the body, then you definitely do not belong here.

So where do I belong?

You belong in a beautiful everlasting kingdom of perfect love and peace.

You belong in a place where joy and happiness are your natural state of being.

You belong where your true home is, and not in this nightmare of a world that you are imagining.

So be glad that you do not feel at home in this world of misery and pain so that you can awake from your nightmare and take your rightful place where you belong.

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Why do I feel so empty and distant?

You feel empty and distant because deep down you know you do not belong here.

You know that your search for love and belonging in the outside world is futile and pointless.

What you are looking for can never be found here.

You feel empty and distant because you are looking in the wrong place.

Where you are looking has nothing to give you.

You are looking for yourself outside of yourself.

Your home, a place that you belong is not a palce at all but a state of being.

It’s a vibration that you continually offer and are able to maintain.

By doing that you are projecting a different kind of consciousness which shows you a completely different version of the world.

This shift is not about doing; it’s not about the things happening outside of you, but rather an internal shift.

A change of perception, a change of mind.


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Do You Understand Now?

We feel empty and distant because we are looking for the light that is us in darkness.

It is not there.

So please realize that this feeling is a blessing, it’s a guide showing you to look for love and light where it is.


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Can’t find your place in the world?

Be glad, be very glad, for you do not belong in this world.

I know,  this realization might seem very disturbing at first but stay open to the possibility and it might be true.

When you find the courage to really look closely at the world, what do you see?

Nothing good, everything that you see will end someday, will die.

Can that be right?

How can life end?

It can’t so there is proof that what you’re looking at cannot be the real world but just a version of it.

And not a good version, rather very scary, threatening version.

Where illness, age, disaster, and death threatens your survival all the time.

Ask yourself, is this a world that a loving father would choose for his child?

Of course not, God did not choose it for us, we created it ourselves.

But God is still awaiting our awakening from this nightmare and joining him.

So, the fact that you cannot find your place in the world is a good thing.

It means that you are starting to be ready and open to the truth.

You will start to allow guidance to lead you back to where you truly belong.

So, instead of feeling disparate, rejoice, for you are on your way home.

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