Why Am I So Sensitive Emotionally?

Have you ever felt that you were too sensitive for this world?

Have you thought that you were bothered by too many things to live a peaceful life?

And, have you been angry with yourself for feeling this way?

If you said yes to the above questions, you are not alone.

You feel deeply and you feel the pain of the world.

This sounds all great and noble, but try living a single day feeling so much pain?

But what if there was a great answer to the why am I so sensitive emotionally question?

But what if there was a different way to look at it? What if instead of a curse this is a great gift that we were given to use to change the world.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

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I’m Sensitive Emotionally – What it Means?

I just saw a hawk chase a little bird that I feed in my backyard. I chased the hawk away and the little bird seems to have escaped a fatal ending to its existence today. But now I’m very sad because I know that the hawk is hungry too and it needs to eat. For the rest of the day, my mind seems to be going in circles trying to make a sense out of the dilemma. I’m glad I saved the bird but I also feel sorry for the hawk. Now, I’m not able to enjoy the beautiful weather, or the birds singing, or the beautiful green grass because I am stuck in my head preoccupied with an unsolvable dilemma.

girl, tears, sad
I have hard time having simple conversations without crying or controlling my emotions.

Me being very sensitive emotionally also means that I have hard time having simple conversations without crying or controlling my emotions. Most disagreements or even hints of disapproval or criticism (real or imagined), make my voice quiver and I’m usually not able to continue the conversation without bursting into tears.

My being highly sensitive means that I notice things that others don’t. I question things that others don’t. My being so sensitive emotionally means that I feel pain and suffering that others do not. Being sensitive means that I am aware of the depth and intensity of my emotions and feelings but don’t understand the reasons.

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Reasons For Being so Sensitive Emotionally

How often have we wondered why am I so sensitive emotionally? How often have we searched for the reasons for that?

Helthline.com lists 15 reasons for being overly sensitive emotionally. They include things like genetics, hormones, stress, diet, lack of exercise, trauma, etc. At a first glance, the reasons they provided make total sense, but I think the real reasons for being so emotionally sensitive go way deeper than that.

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Am I Too Sensitive Emotionally For This World?

delicate, sensitive dandelion, dew
Am I Too Sensitive Emotionally For This World?

There are many days when I truly believe that I am too sensitive for this world. Everywhere I look, I see pain and suffering. The things I see don’t make me angry, they just make me feel sad and hopeless. I don’t even know what the solution is.  For example if I happen to see a very disturbing picture on Facebook about a person abusing an animal, like most people I feel extreme pain and sadness for the animal. But being too sensitive also means that I do not feel anger towards the person inflicting the pain on the animal. Instead, I feel extreme sadness and compassion for that person. This seems ok, but it leaves me with no one to blame (the abuser).  And where do I go from there?

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How to Live Being Sensitive Emotionally

I wish I had a simple solution for you that would make you not feel so much. I do not, as there is not a simple fix to who you are. To ease the pain of being so sensitive emotionally, you must find a way to accept who you are. Once you are able to accept that this is who you are and there is a grand reason for it, you can learn to work with this. You choose to look at the benefits of being so sensitive emotionally:

  • You are highly insightful, because you feel the pain of others you can easily see the other persons point of view
  • You feel deeply the positive emotions as well (love, caring, beauty)
  • You notice subtle things that others miss
  • You are compassionate and have high level of empathy
  • You are highly intuitive

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.” – Alan Watts

Sometimes not being able to continue with conversations at the risk of bursting into tears is really a blessing in disguise. When you really think about it, those conversation don not usually go anywhere. They end up being very unproductive. So maybe not being able to continue with a useless conversation, is really a good thing. Our pride might disagree but if you look at  the bigger picture, you just walked away from a futile conversation.

I know we have the tendency to try to explain our point of view but if we can get past that urge, we can focus on more important things.

Also, when wishing for this sensitivity to be taken away from us, keep in mind what is on the other side. Becoming cold, distant, intolerant, sceptic, is that what we would really want?

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New Angle – New Life

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

Finding a new perspective on being so emotionally sensitive will literally change your life.  If you can find a way to embrace who you are and look on the positive aspects of being that way, you will be able to turn your life around and use this aspect of yourself to your advantage.

Trusting the universe and the grand design will ease the discomfort and pain. If you are able to stop wasting time and energy on asking why you and wishing you could be different, your life will change automatically.

 Why Am I So Sensitive Emotionally?
Saving the world through our emotions

Learn to treat this as a gift, a skill that was given you for a reason, and dedicate your life to finding that reason, or just focus on using your gift to love and help others.

You were given a gift that allows you to feel what others feel. A gift that gives you more insights and wisdom than others.

What could be more noble than that? What could be more important than that?

This world is old and tired, and it needs us to spread more love. We were given a gift to be able to see where we are needed most and to use it there.

So, the next time you feel pain, and are tempted to ask again why am I so sensitive emotionally, remember you are a hero of the world. You are here to heal the world and help to save it. No one said that being a hero will be easy, but what an honor it is.

“You were born to be among the advisors and thinkers, the spiritual and moral leaders for your society. There is every reason for pride.” ― Elaine N. Aron, The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You

I hope you have enjoyed the article. I also hope you have found some comfort and release in it. I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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