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Have you also been chasing joy and happiness?

Because I have, for a very long time now.

I’m not talking about pleasure, because that we can make for ourselves. I’m talking about true, deep, unchanging joy and happiness.

A Course In Miracles promises that. The book claims to be the way to happiness and joy.

But is it?

This is an honest A Course In Miracles review from my personal perspective and what I have learned since I embarked on the journey.

The Way To Happiness – The Book

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” – ACIM

It is said that a teacher will appear when the student is ready. In my case, the teacher turned out to be a book. And the book is called A Course In Miracles. I was introduced to the book 12 years ago. I have purchased the book, read some of it, tried to follow a few lessons and put it away…

While I didn’t understand much of it then and the text seemed too complex to follow, the content that I did read caused a havoc in my foundation system. While I dropped the book, something has changed. I realized there might be a different way to look at the world.

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The Way To Happiness

I clearly wasn’t ready at the time to go much further than that.

It took another 12 years until I picked up the book again. 12 years of living my life trying to fit in and comply with the standards of successful life as dictated by society. I thought I was doing a good job at that too, until one day, my world stopped making any sense and something pushed me to pick up the book again.

This time around, I could not put the text down. From the moment I opened the first page I was awed by the wisdom contained on those pages. I read the entire text in 2 months while doing the daily lessons. That was 9 months ago. I continue doing the daily lessons and reading the text for the 4th time. I have come to realize that the teachings are some of the most important gifts given to humans.

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How Did The Book Change My Life?

The book has gradually led me to freedom, happiness, joy, trust and aliveness.

The book completely reversed my way of looking at the world. I now understand that I have created this world and it’s up to me to undo it. But, I’m not alone. I have guides and help that will assist and even take over if I allow it.

According to Eckhar Tolle, the text aims at taking you to the edge of your mind.

Book Filled With Wisdom
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This book has become my life. While the message of the book is very simple it involves changing one’s mind about the world and our purpose in it. The book has become my teacher.

This is an amazing book, but it is not for everyone. Some people will pick it up and think that the text is a whole bunch of rambling. The book is not for those people. If this book is for you, the book will find you, or something will lead you to it.

This incredible book admits that this is just one of the ways to truth. There are many other ones. Just because the book doesn’t speak to you, it does not mean you are not deserving or special. It just means that this is not the way to truth for you. Keep searching, the way will appear when you are ready.

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The Main Lessons I Learned Form The Book

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Everything Is Love

– Everything is love

– We are a part of God

– Our mind is mainly abstract but we make it concrete and specific

– The egos best defense is resistance

– Ego is our own beliefs in separation instead of realizing that we are all one

– The physical world we live in is a dream

– When we hold on to grievances, we attack ourselves and we feel weak, vulnerable, and in pain.

My search took many years. I am very grateful to have found this amazing guide. I also realize that I wasn’t ready before, but now I am.

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Where Can You Get The Book

“In quietness are all things answered,” – ACIM

  1. There is a fee online version of the book at ACIM NO
  2. You can find a free audio version of the book on YouTube
  3. You can get the physical copy of the book below

If You Live In The USA

In You Live In Canada

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I personally use all three. I use the online version for the daily lessons and to search the text. I listen to the YouTube audio book, but my favorite is the actual book. I love it so much, I carry it will me everywhere. I don’t write in it, because it doesn’t feel right, but I tag it. This is what my book looks like.

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Is The Book Real?

You can find someof criticism for the book. The book was written my Dr. Helen Schucman, a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University.

Helen claims that the book was written through a process of inner dictation. Furthermore, Helen identified the inner voice as Jesus Christ. The critics also condemn the main message of the book, which is the truth of our oneness with God and Love.

I tend to look at the big picture. I don’t know whether it was Jesus that dictated the text to Helen, but to me it doesn’t matter. My judgment is based on what effects the book has on my life.

Since I started following the book, I have experience much peace in my life. I experience much less anxiety and depression. I don’t try to be good, but I try to see God in everyone and everything.

To stay objective, I take the high view. I have much less anger, and when I still do get angry, I am conscious of it and address it right away. I see others as myself, therefore I never consciously try to hurt them, because why would I want to hurt myself.

Looking objectively I do not see any harm done to myself or others by me following the teachings contained in this book. To me, that’s a definition of a great message to follow. Whether it was actually prescribed by Jesus or is it true or not, it does not matter. My life is better and so is everyone else’s around me.

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What About You?

“To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you.” – ACIM

You have to listen to your own guidance. If you are not sure what the voice it telling you to do, go ahead, give yourself a bit more time. You can also read other reviews, see what speaks to you and then follow it. If this book is not for you, you will not be guided to it. I hope this review helped you somewhat with your decision whether you should get the book or not.

If you have read thus fur, chances are that this book might be for you. If that’s the case, I am very excited for you. This book will change your life. It will give you hope of achieving happiness and peace of mind. It will also give you specific instructions on how to go about doing that.

If you choose to answer the call, enjoy the journey.


“Be not afraid. We only start again an ancient journey long ago begun that but seems new. We have begun again upon a road we traveled on before and lost our way a little while. And now we try again.” – ACIM

I hope you have enjoyed my review. I do not know if this book is for you but if you are still reading, you are clearly searching for something. This book has the potential of changing your entire life. Fair warning: it will not be an easy journey, but it will be a journey from illusions to reality, from dreams to being awake.

Please let me know if you have any questions? I am always ready to answer what ever might be on your mind.