The Voice Inside The Head

What Is The Voice Inside The Head?

There is a voice inside everyone’s head. If you live a busy life, you might not even realize that it’s always there. But if you have ever tried to mediate or sit quietly for a minute, you are definitely aware of the voice constantly speaking in your head. The voice can be quite ruthless or very comforting at times. It could sound as your worst enemy or your best friend. It can make you cry of feel really happy. It could keep you up for hours not allowing you to fall asleep. If you are like me, you might have wandered at times about it. What is it? Where does it come from? What is its purpose? Should I listen to it? So, what is the voice? Most people identify with the voice as themselves. Most people think the voice is who they are.

Is The Voice Inside The Head Me?

Yes, the voice inside your head is the current version of you. It is based on your past and your previous experiences. As you live your life, you are constantly analyzing and making judgments about all life situations, circumstances, relationships, and the people around you. The voice in your head is using your previous conclusions and lessons learned to say to you what it is saying. In a sense, the voice is your past.

Is The Voice Inside The Head Powerful?

The voice inside your head is extremely powerful. It has the power to determine what the rest of your life will look like, what decisions will you make, and which path will you follow. The voice is designed to keep you exactly as you were in the past. It appears that the voice is trying to protect you, where in fact it prevents you from changing. If you always follow the voice, without questioning its suggestions and motives, the voice is powerful enough to determine whether your life remains the same or if you are able to change some aspects of it.

Should I Listen The Voice Inside The Head?

It depends! If you like your life the way it is and want to continue without making any changes, then yes, you should listen to the voice inside your head as it will lead you exactly there. It will continue telling you same things over and over again and your life will remain much of the same. However, most people would like to see changes and new things in their lives. In that case, you have to learn to ignore the voice and go against its suggestions or sometimes commends. You will have to go against the voice to explore new dimensions and paths in your life.

Is The Voice In My Head My Enemy?

No, the voice in the head is not my enemy. Its goal is to keep us safe, unfortunately in this case safe means the same. There is no need for hating the voice in your head. We might even go as far as to thank it for its service but tell it that you do not always want to listen to it as you want to explore different versions of you and not just keep repeating the same old you over and over again. We have all experienced where the situations have changed but the outcome stayed the same. For me it was changing jobs. Regardless of what kind of job I currently had, after a while I always fell into a pattern where I behaved the same, build the same type of relationship, and just nothing at all changed except for the circumstance. I followed the voice in the head, and it led me exactly where I have been previously.

Can The Voice In My Head Be Stopped?

The Voice inside my head can not be stopped but it possible to stop identifying with in and instead just observe it. This voice can cause some major pain and suffering, but with practice, one can learn to just quietly watch it, like the clouds moving across the sky. Furthermore, with practice, one can reach a meditative stage where you go beyond the voice. When that happens, the voice appears to have stopped.

How To Change What The Voice Is Saying

the voice inside the head
Happy Thoughts = Happy Feelings

Once you spent some time observing and you become aware of what the voice inside your head is saying and you do not like it and what to change it, there are some things you can to do achieve that:

  1. Ignore the voice – Trying to change what the voice in your head says is begins with ignoring it. This is not an easy task. We are used to listening to the voice and never questioning its motives. There is no off button. The voice will continue talking, at times screaming, but we will have to find a way to hear it but not follow it. With time, as you change as a person, and your perspective and the way of thinking changes, the voice will change eventually.
  2. Fill your head with positivity – To change what the voice is saying you can fill your head with positive images and ideas. You can read an inspirational book, watch a motivation video, listen to uplifting songs, happy daydreaming, make a list of positive aspects or thinks you are grateful for. If you focus on positivity, the voice will eventually change.
  3. Observe not engaging – Practicing just observing instead of engaging will assist with the desired change. This takes lots of practice as we constantly debate, argue, and talk with the voice inside our head.
  4. Doing the opposite – Also, experimenting with doing the opposite or something different than the voice is telling us will help with changing what the voice says.
  5. Use Mantras – Mantra is a phrase, a word, or a sound that you keep repeating in your head that helps you stay focused. Find some mantras and try focusing on them throughout the day. This will help with changing the voice.
  6. Disassociate from the voice – Practice disassociation from the voice. Unconsciously we think the voice is us. Trying to separate yourself from the voice, over time with change what the voice says to you.