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How Not To Feel Lonely?

How Not To Feel Lonely?

Why do I feel so lonely?

I could be surrendered by people and I still feel very detached from them and lonely.

Why is it like that?

And what can we do about that?

How not to feel lonely?


Why Is Change Hard And Messy?

Why Is Change Hard And Messy?, heart, light

Change is hard and messy – no question about that.

No matter how ready and prepared we feel for the upcoming change, there is really no way to avoid the havoc it will inevitably bring.

Not to mention the kind of change that appears to come from nowhere.

That can and usually does create devastation in our lives.

But why is it that way?


How To Transcend Reality?

transcendence, person, light, transcending reality

For some of us, a time will come when the typical life will not be enough.

A time will come when we will ask the question: how to transcend reality?

It will usually come after many trials of chasing different things in an attempt to achieve fulfillment and happiness.

At least, that’s how it happened for me.


How To Find My Power?

How To Find My Power, girl, galaxy, inner power

We all want power. Or we think that we do.

We believe that power will allow us to control circumstances and eliminate fear from our lives.

But that is incorrect.

There is real power in each and every one of us that is easy to be re-discovered.

But it’s not the kind of power that most people think of.

So how do we embark on the journey?


How To Find The Real Me?

How To Find The Real Me

There is a lot of talks lately about discovering the real me.

Many people are embarking on a journey of finding out who they really are.

So how do we do that?

How to find out the real me? Continue…

How To Escape Problems?

How To Escape Problems?

We have a tendency to think that the world can offer an escape from our problems.

Why is that?

Because we think the world is a place where choice among illusions seems to be the only option.

And we think we are in control of outcomes of our own choosing.

Furthermore, we think that the short time between our birth and death was given us to combat conflicts and problems and find a way out of difficulties.

But what if we are the problems?


What’s My Purpose In Life?

purpose in life, sun, nature

We all ask that question at some point in our lives:

What’s my purpose in life?

My purpose in life is to find joy and share it with the world.

How do I do that in this dark, tired world?

I must be the change that I want to see in the world.


The Disappearance Of The Self

face, sad, water, tears, disappearing

Everything is shaky.

I can feel myself dissolving.

My entire world is slowly disappearing.

I want it to be a very exciting process but right now it’s just terrifying.

It took years to painstakingly build this image of myself and a part of me is fighting so hard not to let it go.

My memories are fading, and my vision gets blurry.

My mind is terrified, and waves of panic overtake my body frequently.

This was supposed to be a gentle transition, but it feels very far from gentle.

My mind is scared, and my body is feeling the violent effects of that.


Why Practice Forgiveness?

forgiveness, freedom, beauty, happiness

Like most things in our lives, we have the concept of forgiveness completely wrong.

When we think about forgiveness, we imagined being wronged by someone and then rising above the sense of being wronged and trying to forget it.

This is practice is not sustainable and quite impossible to achieve.