Spiritual Transformation Signs

There are many signs indicating that we are going through a spiritual transformation. For the most part, this is a very personal process and everyone goes through it in their own way. Generally, the first signs are quite uncomfortable and often painful. At first, they cause serious disorientation and often confusion. We spent our lives developing our self identity and beliefs so when the process of undoing it all begins, it usually causes great amount of suffering. There is a good news too! The signs that follow the initial uncomfortable stage are much more positive and pleasant.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #1 – Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

The first sign that makes us realize that a spiritual transformation is happening is when everything stops making sense to us. Nothing major in your life has changed, yet nothing makes sense anymore. You still have the same job, but all of a sudden it does not give you satisfaction and joy anymore. You still have your friends, but all of a sudden you have nothing to talk about, or you realize the things that you normally talk about do not mean anything anymore. You still remember your goals and dreams, but all of a sudden they do not seem important to you anymore nor do you see a point in pursuing them.

This stage is usually very uncomfortable. As you start questioning your old life, you do not yet have a vision of anything different or new, and this feels very unsettling. During this stage, you usually start feeling very lonely. You yourself do not understand what is happening in your life, but also trying to discuss this with anyone else seems impossible.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #2 – Unnecessary Drama And Negativity

The next sign of spiritual transformation is when we start noticing all the drama around us. We start realizing how much unnecessary energy goes into things that do not matter. People argue over many insignificant things. Most people pretend to listen or only listen to respond and not to understand. We start seeing how much negativity and darkness is around us. We realize that, in a sense, all we are doing with our lives is chasing a fleeing moments of pleasures. We are able to see it and recognize it but very often we still get sucked in and continue to participate.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #3 – Questioning Your Beliefs

We spent your whole life developing and then clarifying our beliefs. Often, we put great efforts in defending our beliefs to others. But one day, we wake up questioning our beliefs. We will ask ourselves, if those beliefs are really ours and if they make sense at all.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #4 – Self – Identity

The moment we are born, our self-identity starts forming. First our parents give us our names and teach us who we are. Later on, we take over the role of building the concept of the self. Through our experiences and judgments, we continue to build a solid “picture” of ourselves in our mind. This self-image becomes the most cherished thing in our life as we equate our existence with it. But one day, during the stages of our spiritual transformation, we will start questioning the concept of self that we think we have established during the years. We will ask the question, “Who am I?”

Spiritual Transformation Sign #5 – Everything Falls Apart

There comes a point, where in addition to all the previous confusions, our entire life falls apart. We lose our jobs, experience loss, or any other form of major disruption in our lives. This is the time when we are forced to take the time to re-evaluate our beliefs, views, values, goals, etc. We usually feel scared and lost. We do not understand what had happened. This is life forcing us to take a little time to become quiet. To listen to our inner guidance for a new direction that is more aligned with our spiritual transformation. Trying to keep faith and remain graceful during this period will ease the suffering during this stage.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #6 – Depression

The Spiritual Transformation is mostly shedding off everything that you are not. No wonder that most people get very scared and fall into depression. We have spent years building who we think we are today, and when that becomes threatened by unexplained thoughts, signs, views, we get frightened and our minds enter depressive states. Our emotions try to take control over our mind and body. We feel like we are on an emotional roller coaster.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #7 – Trusting The Universe

One day we realize that we have developed a trust in the universe. Instead of spending so many efforts trying to control our lives, we realize that it is so much easier to give the control to the universe. Life becomes a smooth sailing current where we do not judge as much and let Life take us where it wants to.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #8 – Peace of Mind

Once we realize that there is something bigger at play here and we surrender to it, a beautiful peace for mind follows. As we release judgment and allow to be guided, life becomes a greater expression of beauty and love. Instead of worrying our minds become free to joyfully create.

Spiritual Transformation Sign #9 – New Perspective

A new perspective of the world will follow. Where once there was darkness, we now see the light. Instead of misery, we see beauty. A new perspective starts forming and transforms our whole life. Our world is different now. We start to explore new ideas that everything is connected and we are all one. Everything and everyone is an expression of life and love.

In The End

There are many signs indicating that we are in the spiritual transformation process. They usually start with painful realizations but progress into beautiful and meaningful life. Embracing each stage and trusting that we are exactly where we are meant to be makes the process less painful.