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For some of us, a time will come when the typical life will not be enough.

A time will come when we will ask the question: how to transcend reality?

It will usually come after many trials of chasing different things in an attempt to achieve fulfillment and happiness.

At least, that’s how it happened for me.

First, I chased financial stability.

I never wanted riches, but I was convinced that once I didn’t have to worry about money I will feel at peace and happy.

Well, that did not happen. I have more than enough money to have a worry-free life but peace and happiness did not follow.

Then I chased my career.

Professional development, networking, and climbing the corporate ladder, I was convinced that this for sure will give me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

I continued chasing one thing after another trying to find happiness but that never came, despite the achievements.

The change did not happen overnight, but eventually, I reached a point where I just knew that I had taken and tried all I needed from this so-called life.

A deep and disturbing certainty came over me that there is nothing here, what I want and am looking for cannot be found in this life.

A very uncomfortable period of my life has begun. I knew what I did not want but I had no idea where to find what I was looking for.

Again, it took a long time for my mind to open up and mature enough to be able to accept what needs to be done.

I have reached a level where I knew that the only way to find what I’m looking for is to transcend the world; the world that I have built; the world of illusions. Transcend the imaginary world to find the truth, peace, and happiness.

But as always, easier said than done.

How do I let go of everything that I know, even though I know it’s not real?

How do I transcend the body?

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How To Transcend The Body?

In theory, this is very simple.

I transcend the body by realizing that I am not the body. I transcend the body by changing my mind about who I am.

I am a spirit, and my body is just a learning device, a tool that I have, to be used.

I can transcend the body by letting go of the confusion and taking the rightful control of the body and not allowing it to control me.

The body cannot feel, the body cannot see, the body cannot think but in my confusion, I think that it can and I allow the confusion to continue by not changing my mind about the body.

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I transcend the body by realizing that I am not the body.

This does not mean that I need to deny the existence of the body, as I matter of fact, I shouldn’t.

I can still appreciate my body and be grateful for it but I cannot give it power or authority that it does not have.

If I continue chasing pleasures of the body and be controlled by the body’s senses, I will never find joy and happiness because the body is unable to give me that.

Joy and happiness are found elsewhere, they are found where the body is transcended.

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What Does It Mean To Transcend The Body?

It means to appreciate the body and be grateful for it but not identify with it.

It means changing your mind and realizing that you are not a body.

It means silencing your body’s screams enough to connect with the spirit that you are.

To transcend the body means to stop identifying with the self that you have constructed.

When the body ceases to attract you, you know you have begun the process of transcending.

When you no longer place any value on the body as a means of getting anything, you have begun to transcend the body.

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Transcending Physical Reality

Once one is able to transcend the body, the rest of the physical reality will transcend as well.

Once we are able to change our minds and realize who we truly are, nothing that exists in the physical reality will matter the way it did in the past.

It will still matter but in a different way.

Once we realize that we are spirit and the physical reality is just an outer manifestation of the state of our minds, we will never again attempt to change reality.

We will understand that the only way to change the physical way is to change our thoughts about it.

The physical reality is like a mirror, a reflection of our minds.

Attempting to change the physical reality is like trying to change the reflection in the mirror. It can’t be done because it’s just a reflection.

You need to make the adjustments at the source to see the changes in the reflection.

Transcending physical reality is to understand this.

Transcending physical reality is to realize the truth about it and not be bothered by it.

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How Does One Transcend Beyond Space And Time?

Once we are able to transcend the body and the physical reality, space and time follow since they are a construct of the physical reality.

We can transcend space and time the same way we transcend the body and physical reality, by realizing they are a construct of our imagination.

Transcending time and space does not mean that they will stop existing for us, but it means that we will not be bothered by them.

It means we will go beyond them into a reality that is still, unchanging, and joyous.

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What Does It Mean To Spiritually Transcend?

It is very hard to describe what transcending means and what the goal of it is.

Even as I’m attempting to describe the truth that we are trying to get to, it sounds boring.

But it’s the farthest from it.

It’s something that cannot be described but experienced.

Sometimes it’s easier to describe what spiritual transcendence is not.

There is no pain, no anxiety, and fear, no misery, no death. For me, that description is enough.

This is what it means to spiritually transcend and that is where I want to be.

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What Does It Mean To Transcend Life?

To transcend life means to realize the truth about it.

Life does not or cannot die, therefore everything that we see in this world cannot be life.

This is not always easy to wrap your head around, but that is what transcendence means.

It means finding what truly is, something that is everlasting.

Transcending means realizing that we are in this world but not of this world.

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How Can A Person Transcend?

A person can transcend by realizing that the awareness of the body makes love seem limited.

We are pure love, but the body is a limit on love.

The belief in limited love is the origin of the body that was made to limit the unlimited.

Everything we recognize we identify with externals, something outside of ourselves.

We cannot even think about God without a body or some kind of form that we think we recognize.

We can transcend by realizing that while we limit our awareness to the body’s tiny senses, we will not be able to see the grandeur that surrounds us.

God cannot meet us in a body, nor can we join him in a body.

Anything that limits love will always shut God out and keep us apart from Him.

The body is a tiny fence around a little part of a glorious and complete spirit.

It always separates from the whole proclaiming that within it is your kingdom, where God cannot enter.

A person can transcend by rejecting this little, fenced-off aspect of yourself.

This little person is not your kingdom.

Arched high above it and surrounding it with love is the glorious whole, which offers all its happiness and deep content to every part.

The little aspect that you think is you, is no exception.

A person can transcend by realizing that he/she is not a body and that we are not apart from God.

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How Does Transcendence Feel?

The process of transcendence does not feel good or comfortable at first.

It starts with nothing making sense anymore. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but overall, you have to reach a point where you see the pointlessness of your current life.

That will trigger questioning of your beliefs, values, goals, and pretty much everything.

For me, this was a very painful stage. I have experienced multiple panic attacks. I felt like I was suspended in some void.

 Very lonely with absolutely no one able to understand what I’m going through.

Looking back, I see how this stage was necessary. It accelerated my progress.

But it was very frightening and painful.

There was nowhere to go to get a sense of relief.

The only way forward was through the pain and discomfort.

But then gradually, I learned how to stop resisting the pain, quiet my mind and get glimpses of something beyond my body and the lower level everyday thought.

I started getting glimpses of something beyond all of that.  

And I started having moments of comfort, peace, and happiness.

What happens after that? I cannot tell you just yet, as I have not gone there yet.

But I have hope, I believe as I have seen glimpses of something other than this insane world.

I have experienced brief moments of what happens once you are able to transcend the body even if just for a few seconds at a time.

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How Do You Practice Transcendence?

transcending, meditating, quiet mind, woman
I practice transcendence by simply quieting my mind.

I practice transcendence by simply quieting my mind.

That’s all there is to it. Sitting still, not responding to your body’s thoughts, impulses, screams.

And just focusing your mind. And re-focusing it when it drifts apart over and over again.

You practice transcendence by not chasing your body’s impulses.

You realize you are not your body and your body cannot give you lasting joy and happiness.

You stop chasing temporary pleasures instead focus on reconnecting with your spirit.

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Is Transcendence Possible?

Yes, transcendence is possible.

It happens to all of us when we die.

We transcend the body then.

But the goal is to transcend while still alive.

This is not easy, because to achieve that, your body and your physical reality has to die while you are still alive.

But it can be done, and in fact, it must be done.

This is the reason why we are here, to transcend the illusion of time and space, to transcend the physical reality.

It is possible for a person that is willing to give up everything, which in fact is nothing.

Everything that we think we are and we have is absolutely nothing, but we believe that it’s everything.

And believing that makes it appear that we need to sacrifice everything to achieve transcendence.

For as long as we continue believing that we are the body, we will not be able to give it up.

The only way to achieve this is to change our minds about who we are and about the world that we think we live in.

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Why Is Transcending Important?

Transcending is very important to people that have reached a certain level of understanding.

This does not mean levels in terms of superiority and inferiority.

We are all heading in the same direction, but we are all on different paths and different stages of the journey.

To me, transcending is important because I now know that this is where any sense of comfort, peace and happiness can be found.

It’s important to me, because there is nowhere else to go.

Transcending is the only way for me to escape the pain and misery.

Once you are able to see the world for what it truly is, there is no turning back.

The world has never given me any sense of comfort, joy, happiness.

I now know that I was looking for those things in the wrong place.

That’s not where they exist.

Transcendence is very important to me, it is where I find the real me and lasting joy and happiness.

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Is It Hard To Transcend The Ego?

Transcending the ego requires strength beyond our own.

We have learning handicaps in a very literal sense when it comes to learning how to transcend.

That’s why we need to rely on a teacher beyond ourselves.

There are areas in our learning skills that are so impaired that progress is possible only under constant, clear-cut direction provided by a teacher that can transcend our limited resources.

The learning situation in which we have placed ourselves in is impossible and in this situation, we require a special teacher that can become your resource and take you beyond your own limitations and ability to understand.

We do not know the meaning of love. We cannot attempt to teach ourselves something that we do not understand.

The only way to do it is to allow a teacher to show you how to transcend.

The teacher is already within you.  We just need to learn to listen to its quiet voice.

That is the only way to transcend the ego.

We can not do it alone, it is too hard for us.

But there is a teacher that can show us the way and give us strength and resources that we ourselves do not have.

With this teacher, it is not hard to transcend the ego.

It is natural to do so.

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