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I have a beautiful vision in my head of what my life would look like if I was living in harmony with it.

I wake up joyous, full of energy, and excited to see what the day will bring.

I have no worries; I have no plans for the day ahead of me.

I completely trust Life.

I spend some time preparing for the day, reminding myself that today I do not need to make any decisions by myself.

That means that today, I will choose not to judge.

That means that I will not judge the situation that I will be called upon nor will I decide my response to it.

I will allow the answer to come to me. I will trust that the answer will be given and stay open until it does.

And this is how to live in harmony with life.

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How To Live In Harmony With Life?

“Today I choose to be at peace; I choose to be happy and to be in harmony with all creation; I will have only acceptance and love all who cross my path today.” – Delia Delia

How beautiful and encouraging is this vision?

But how do I go about learning how to do that?

There are several things that I will have to give up to be able to live in perfect harmony with life:

  1. I will have to give up judgment – my mind judges everything, furthermore, it believes that judgment is helpful and necessary to my survivor. It believes that if I stop judging, I will not be able to react properly to a possibly life-threatening situation and possibly perish. I realize how silly that sounds, as I never have the necessary knowledge to properly judged. With our limited perception of situations, our judgment is a joke, it’s more of a guess really. But realizing that does not make it any easier for my mind to stop doing that.
  2. I will have to start trusting life – next, I will have to develop total faith and trust in life. Realizing that I am here for a reason, not necessarily the one that my mind created for me, and start blindly trusting that life unfolds second by second the way it’s meant to be. Not necessarily the way I preferred it to be, but the way it was meant to be.
  3. I will have to stop reacting – the next step will be to stop automatically reacting. We try to make ourselves feel better by justifying our automatic reactions as intuition. But in that case, it’s just a habit being activated. And habits are based on our past experiences. We will have to find a way to stop reacting automatically and allow a pause before the right answer comes to us. This is not to indicate that the perfect answer provided by life takes more time, rather to become conscious enough to let go of the habitual responses, which at  the start are very strong and loud.
  4. I will have to let the self that I think I am dissolve – this is not necessarily a separate step in itself rather a result of the previous steps. It is worth mentioning as this is usually very painful. What it truly means is that you will have to let go of all your wants and desires and all things that you value. This does not mean that those things will disappear, although sometimes they will because all form dissolves at some point, rather you will have to change your mind about them.


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As beautiful as my vision sounds, allowing it to happen is extremely challenging.

But I work at it every day because I cannot think of a more worthy goal in life than to allow life flow freely through me and take me exactly where I need to be.

But a word of caution to myself, I do have to be very careful so that my new vision does not become my new desire that I will start putting effort and start working hard towards achieving it.

If that happens, I’m back to square one. No matter how noble my goal or desire becomes, it still means I have judged and decided I know how to react.

For me, the best practice is to continually “empty” my mind.

As thoughts, feelings, and emotions come up, I let them pass through me and release them.

Because the truth is that before I can live in harmony with life, I have to prepare my mind and my heart for it.

I must purify it before I am able to do this.

A clarification of what is meant by Life is required.

When I say Life, I do not mean the period of time between your birth and your death.

By Life, I mean the life force, the source, the energy of everything that there is.

By Life, I mean something much bigger than myself.

By Life, I mean something everlasting and unchanging that is my true essence.

It’s ok if this concept is hard to grasp at first.

It is hard for us to see beyond our bodies and the senses.

But there is something much bigger and more important in us and if you are able to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture you will get a glimpse of it.

Beyond the physical world, there has to be something stable, a Source.

And it’s this source, that we are trying to get a sense of.

It is there, always there but it takes practice and preparation to be able to connect to it.

But what could be more important than aiming at reconnecting with our Source?

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