How To Find The Real Me

There is a lot of talks lately about discovering the real me.

Many people are embarking on a journey of finding out who they really are.

So how do we do that?

How to find out the real me?

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The Time To Decide Has Come

Many of us know deep down that what we see on the surface is not who we really are.

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The Time To Decide Has Come!

Many of us sense that we are so much more than we were told we are.

The time has come when we must make a choice.

We must choose between ourselves and an illusion of ourselves.

We cannot have it both, only one is possible.

There is no point in trying to delay this decision any longer.

It must be made.

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A Choice Between Misery And Joy

It will be a choice between misery and joy.

We must decide fully, there is no partial decision.

And in doing so, we will either escape misery completely or not at all.

To leave one kind of illusion and seek another is hardly an escape.

To change illusions is to make no change.

The search for joy in misery is senseless for how could joy be found in misery?

The only thing that is possible in this dark world of misery is to select an aspect of it, portray it as different, and define the difference as joy.

Illusions carry only pain and suffering.

The form in which they are accepted is irrelevant.

We see what we expect, and we expect what we invite.

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We see what we expect, and we expect what we invite.

Our perception is the result of our invitation, coming to us as we sent for it.

What perception would you rather see?

One of illusion or one of the real you?

We believe in what we manifest, and as we look out we see in.

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Two Ways Of Looking – We Choose

“I never really look for anything. What God throws my way comes. I wake up in the morning and whichever way God turns my feet, I go.” – Pearl Bailey

There are two ways of looking at the world in our minds, and our perception reflects the guidance we have chosen.

We can choose the manifestation of the spirit, and we will see it because we have invited it.

We have to be reminded that we see what we seek and what we seek we will find.

If we choose to seek with the ego, we will find what the ego seeks.

It will not be love, for that is not for what it is seeking.

As we take the time to look in, we choose the guide for seeking; the spirit or the ego.

Once we have chosen the guide we will behold the guide’s witnesses everywhere.

This is why we find what we seek.

What we want in ourselves we will make manifest, and we will accept it from the world because we put it there by wanting it.

When we think we are projecting something that we do not want, it is still because we do want it.

When we want only love we will see nothing else.

The contradictory nature of the witnesses we perceive in the world is merely the reflection of our conflicted minds.

If we choose love, love will manifest because we invited it.

It might appear that we are prisoners of this world and it might seem impossible to escape the illusions and see our real nature.

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But we do have the power to decide.

Believe that the truth is in me, for I know that it is in you. (ACIM, T-11.VIII.8:4)

We can decide to see it right.

We might be hesitant to look within afraid of what we will see there.

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As we decide to gradually let go of our worldly goals and wants and replace them with only wanting peace and love, we will start seeing it.

When we accept the truth about who we really are, we will find peace and will see it manifest.

Peace and love will surround us because we have called upon them and they will come to us.

We might think that we already want that,  but in reality, we do not yet want ONLY that.

As we decide to gradually let go of our worldly goals and wants and replace them with only wanting peace and love, we will start seeing it.

As we decide, we will see it. And all that we will see will be the witnesses to our decision.

When we finally look within and see who we really are, it is because we have decided to manifest the truth.

And as we manifest it we will see it within and without.

We will see it without because we saw it first within.

We need to remember, whenever we look without and react unfavorably to what we see, we have judged ourselves unworthy of love and peace.

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How To Find The Real Me?

This sense of separation would never have arisen if you had not distorted your perception of truth, and had thus perceived yourself as lacking. (ACIM, T-1.VI.2:2)

The good news is that the real me is not lost.

It is hidden as I have chosen not to see it and replaced it with an image of myself that I have built.

This might seem hard if you are not ready.

It will seem natural if we are ready to find the truth about us.

You will have to become nothing to see everything.

The real me is everything but I am not able to see that for as long as I believe in the version of myself that I have imagined over the years.

And just to be clear, my mind will not like that and will put up major resistance.

My mind dedicated a lot of time and effort to building the image of the self that I currently have and it will not like my attempts of dissolving it.

But that is the only way.

I will have to become free of what and who I think I am to see who and what I really am.

I will have to become nothing to see everything.

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Become Nothing To See Everything

When you wake you will see the truth around you and in you, and you will no longer believe in dreams because they will have no reality for you. (ACIM, T-6.IV.6:7)

How can we go about doing that?

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Become Nothing To See Everything!

In very small steps.

I started with one-minute intervals where I left everything aside.

All my ideas, my imaginings, everything that I think I am, and everything that I think the world is for.

Once I felt comfortable with that I have increased the duration.

Maintaining steady focus is the key.

It takes time, dedication, intention, and willingness but what could be more important than this.

What could be more important than finding the real me?

Trust that you have a guide within and that you will receive the instructions.

First, you will have to choose your guide correctly – the spirit instead of the ego.

Then you will have to learn to listen to your true guidance.

But if I am willing and have the intention of finding the real me, nothing can stop me now!

You do not recognize the enormous waste of energy you expend in denying truth. (ACIM, T-9.I.11:1)


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