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We all want power. Or we think that we do.

We believe that power will allow us to control circumstances and eliminate fear from our lives.

But that is incorrect.

There is real power in each and every one of us that is easy to be re-discovered.

But it’s not the kind of power that most people think of.

So how do we embark on the journey?

How to find my power?

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How To Find My Power?

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.”
― Leon Brown

To find our power is to transcend fear.

Everyone in this world experiences fear.

Not many of us are aware and fully appreciate the real power of the mind.

However, if we want to find our power, we must realize certain truths:

1. The mind is very powerful.

2. It never sleeps and never stops creating

For most of us, it is very hard to accept this truth because it is very hard for us to believe that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.

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The mind is very powerful.

We are afraid to acknowledge the fact that there are no idle thoughts; all thinking produces form at some level.

That is a frightening idea until we learn how to pay attention to our minds and our thoughts.

That’s where our true power lies.

We all want to feel powerful.

Most of us will go to a great extent to find that feeling of power.

Often we think that to feel powerful is to be able to have control.

So, no wonder when someone suggests that we already have greater power than we could ever imagine in us, our common sense screams that this cannot be true.

But what if it is true?

And how can we find that power?

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In Search Of My Power

I, like many others, have searched for power in all the places that I could think so.

I thought I have achieved power when I managed to get control of my abundance, but for as long as my definition of abundance was linked to materialistic wealth, the most annoying thing happened: the more worldly wealth I seemed to accumulate the more afraid I became of losing it.

Does that seem like real power?

Of course not, very far from it.

But it took that experience to have that realization and become open to finding the real power in me.

Nothing can hurt me unless I give it the power to do so.

But I have given the world the power to determine how I feel.

I have decided to trust the laws of this world and define power in terms as I give it I lose it.

But in reality, real power is not of me, it’s of God.

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As I Give It Away I Gain It.

What does that mean?

It means that we have to make a decision to give up the little power that we think we have acquired to be able to receive the real power of God.

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Recognizing the truth is our choice.

How will we know that we have succeeded?

We will not be afraid.

We will not be afraid of losing it.

Once we open up to the real power of God we can never lose it.

We have never lost it in the past, we have just blocked it believing that what we have made is more valuable than the power that comes from God.

We can start by accepting responsibility for our decisions.

We can start by saying the below and meaning it with our whole heart:

“I am responsible for what I see.
⁴I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
⁵And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”

(ACIM, T-21.II.2:1-5)

Recognizing the truth is our choice.

If we listen to what the ego says, we will surely see ourselves as tiny, vulnerable and afraid.

We will experience depression and worthlessness.

We will believe that we are helpless prey to forces beyond our own control and far more powerful than we are.

And we will believe that the world we made directs our destiny.

For this will be our faith.

But never believe that because it is our faith that makes our reality.

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It Is Our Faith That Makes Our Reality

There is another way, awaiting our choice.

And if we decide to place our faith in it, we will perceive another self in us.

The other-self will see miracles as natural.

The other-self will have indescribable power.

To gain power is the realize the simple truth:

Of myself, I cannot do anything.

As the image I made of myself has no power at all.

But I didn’t make myself, God created me.

miracles, peace
The other-self will see miracles as natural.

And as God created me, I have all the power.

Therefore we need to let go of the image that we have made of ourselves.

This image is completely ignorant to this truth; it assumes it knows all things because we have given that belief to it.

Don’t listen to this image if you want to feel the power given to you by God.

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What Does It Mean To Find Your Power?

To find your power means to let go of the very limited picture of yourself that you have created and allow the truth of who you really are to ender your conscious mind.

It means to let go of illusions of life that cause us only pain and suffering and embrace reality.

It means to allow your mind to become free and uninterested in the temporary but instead sinks in that secret serenity when its consciousness becomes illuminated.

It means not to try to control the circumstances but instead gladly accept whatever happens knowing very well that these come and go and are not us, they just happen to us.

it means to understand that the body is unreal; only the soul is real.

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How Do I Reclaim My Power?

We can reclaim our power by allowing a new perception to enter our minds.

We can only reclaim our power by changing our minds about who we really are.

For as long as we believe that we are bodies, miserable, destructible only existing for a small period of time, our internal power is not available to us.

Once we are able to change our minds and see clearly who we really are, the power will come automatically.

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How Do I Awaken My Inner Power?

We can awaken the inner power by being silent.

inner power, meditation, perfect peace
We can awaken the inner power by being silent.

As the voice of truth can only be heard in silence.

First, we have to quiet our raging minds.

The voice of truth is very faint at first because we are not used to listening to it.

But if we keep practicing being silent and listening to it, we will start to hear it.

The voice will guide us to our inner power.

It will show us where it is and how to access it.

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