How To Escape Problems?

We have a tendency to think that the world can offer an escape from our problems.

Why is that?

Because we think the world is a place where choice among illusions seems to be the only option.

And we think we are in control of the outcomes of our own choosing.

Furthermore, we think that the short time between our birth and death was given us to combat conflicts and problems and find a way out of difficulties.

But what if we are the problems?

How can we ever escape from them regardless of which road we choose to walk?

The real solution to our problems is no illusion.

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How To Escape Problems?

First, we need to realize that the world has no way of escaping our problems.

But that does not mean that escape does not exist.

All of the roads of the world lead to pain, disappointment, and finally death.

Do not seek to escape from your problems here.

path, into the light
All of the roads of the world lead to pain, disappointment, and finally death.

The world was made in a way that problems cannot be escaped.

Make sure you are not deceived by the appearance of different roads and avenues of the world.

However different they seem, they all lead to the same end.

On some, you travel happily for a while before the bleakness sets in. On others, you see and feel the thorns at once. The choice is not what the ending will be but when will it come.

You might not be convinced and choose to try the different raods before you realize that they are all but one.

Learning that they lead nowhere often causes us to lose hope but this is the time that we could learn the greatest lesson.

We all must reach the point, and go beyond it.

Why would anyone seek to try another road when they have learned the lesson?

The purpose of the lesson is to find the answer to the search that all that believe there must be another way undertake.

We can learn now, without despair, there is no hope for an answer in this world.

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No longer look for hope where there is none.

From this point on, our learning will lead to heights of happiness.

Allow this moment to come to you without resistance.

As painful as it appears at first, let the lesson be learned.

We must be able to realize the futility of all the roads of the world to be able to seek another way.

We did not come here to search for endless roads that lead nowhere.

The search for different pathways in the world is but the search for different forms of truth.

And this keeps the truth from being reached.

power, within, light
No path in all this world will lead within, where the truth lies.

It is logical that happiness is never found by following a road away from it.

This makes no sense and cannot be achieved.

To achieve our goal of happiness, we must proceed in its direction and not away from it.

We have a choice that we have the ability to make once we have seen the real alternatives.

But until that point is reached, we have no choice, as we can only continue choosing how to better deceive ourselves.

This learning teaches that the power of decision cannot lie in choosing different forms of what is still the same illusion and the same mistake.

Our own power depends on this.

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No path in all this world will lead within, where the truth lies.

All roads in the world were made to separate you from the truth.  Following any of them will end in confusion and despair.

But even that is an illusion.

A journey away from yourself does not really exist.

How foolish it is to think that such a journey could exist even though it appears that it does.

We can forgive ourselves our madness and forget all senseless journeys and insane goals.

They have no meaning, they only exist in our dreaming minds.

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We could never escape from what we truly are.

The world is built on the concept of the self adjusted to the world’s reality.

And it fits it well, for this image suits a world of shadows and illusions.

Here, it lives at home where what it sees is one with it.

The building of a concept of the self is what the world is made for.

This is the world’s purpose, that you come without a self, and make one as you go along.

And by the time we reach maturity, we have perfected it to meet the world’s demands.

face, smile, young girl
It is the face that smiles and charms and even seems to love.

The concept of self is made by each of us.

It bears no resemblance to us at all.

It is an idol, made by us to take the place of the real us.

The image of the self that we have made often presents the face of innocence.

It is the face that smiles and charms and even seems to love.

It searches for companions, and it looks at times with pity on suffering and at times even offers solace.

It believes that it is good within an evil world.

This face can also grow angry and sad for the world is wicked.

But behind the mask of innocence, there is a real lesson that the concept of the self was made to teach.

It is a lesson of terrible displacement and fear so devastating that the face that smiles above it must forever look away.

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Do not look away.

Lean into the lesson.

The world will teach you that you are the thing that you have made of yourself and as you look at what you have made you stand condemned because of what you think you are.

And this is the lesson that the world will smile with approval for it guarantees the pathways of the world are safely kept and those who walk on them will not escape.

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Do not believe the image of yourself that you have made.

It’s just a concept.

Concepts are learned.

They are made and do not exist.

Not one of them is true and many come from hatred and distortions born of fear.

What is a concept but a thought that its maker gives a meaning of his own to?

concepts, illusions, sailing, unreal
Concepts maintain this world of illusions.

Concepts maintain this world of illusions.

But they cannot be used to demonstrate that the world is real.

As all of them are within the world, born in its shadow and growing in its ways to finally mature in its thoughts.

A concept of the self is meaningless, yet you must find a way to go beyond it.

The concept of the self must be undone if we are to find any peace of mind and true escape from our perceived problems.

It must be gently done, with progressive lessons that will teach us that we are something else.

Otherwise, we would be asked to exchange what we now believe we are for a total loss of the self.

Have the courage to follow the internal guidance to take you to the truth.

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