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Do you see a lot of darkness, suffering, and misery in the world?

Do you wish we could change all that?

I do too.

I think the world is very old and tired and needs saving.

I will tell you how I am saving the world.

What are you doing to save the world?

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Saving The World – What Does That Mean?

“Your energy is always your first impression. It is the foremost perception others will have of you. This initial energy introduction is a calling card you cannot fake.”― Anthon St. Maarten

When I say I’m saving the world I’m referring to something bigger than the environment, or mother earth, I am referring to the current state of our consciousness.

I am referring to everything that seems to be wrong with the world.

The list could go on and on, anything from disrespect for the environment, to child abuse, to animal abuse, to discrimination and other injustices but those are the effects of a low vibration in the world.

And how do we change the effects?

The only way that I know to make lasting changes to the effects is to change the cause.

So what is the cause in all those cases?

The cause is the low vibration in most of us.

If we change the cause (raise the vibration) the effects (our physical experience of the world) will have to change as a result.

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The World As Energy And Vibration

“The universe is asking…Show me your new vibration, I will show you miracles.” Anonymous

We know that our entire physical world, including the universe, is made up of pure energy and vibration. When we are able to see everything as a vibration, the true nature of the universe is shown to us.

Everything is energy and its frequency determines the energy levels.

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The World As Energy And Vibration

Our body is energy. The vibration of our bodies at the physical and mental levels has a profound influence on our ability to attract positive experiences. The higher our vibration, the more positive thoughts and experiences we will perceive in the world.

We have all been around people that we felt really good while in their presence. It wasn’t the words that they were saying or the actions that they were taking, it was just the energy that was emanating from them making us feel really good.

Those people are vibrating at a higher frequency. Not only do they feel at peace and good but they spread that feeling everywhere they go.

You have probably noticed that in your own life as well. When you feel good and happy, people naturally want to be around you. When you feel not so good, low, and depressed, people tend to avoid spending time with you.

Furthermore, think in terms of your own experience. How do you feel when you are happy? You feel light and full of energy. This is higher vibration.

And in contrast, how do you feel when you are moody or upset about something. You feel heaviness and darkness. This is what lower vibration feels like.

Now, imagine most people in the world not understanding or remembering that we are energy and not doing anything about raising the frequency.

How many people in the world, when feeling bad, just assume that’s the way things are and just put up with it and don’t do anything about it.

Not only most people do not do anything about low vibration but they become actively resistant to what they do not like in the world and in them and as a result lower the vibration even further.

Everything is vibration, and the only way to save the world is to raise the vibration.

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How Do We Raise The Vibration Of The World?

“Acceptance is also about realizing that whatever emotional energy you’re experiencing is temporary. All emotions are like visitors which come and eventually go. The more you resist these emotions, the more they hang around you.” ― Mateo Sol

Don’t get me wrong,

I look around and I see a lot of pain.

My first instinct is to physically do something about it.

But then I remember, that to make a lasting change I need to think on the energy level

So how do we go about changing the low-frequency level of our own lives and the world?

We practice high vibration daily.

By doing that not only will we change our lives but the entire world.

1. Focus On Beauty And Positivity – It’s not hard to see the beauty around you when you are feeling good. Well, you are vibrating high and beauty and other good things are a match to your vibration so you see them everywhere. The hard work starts when you are not feeling good. Seeing beauty and love in the world will not be a match to your low frequency so you will have a hard time seeing them. But this is the work, force your mind to find beauty and love when at a first glance you see none. If you continue with the practice, not only will it get easier but you will raise the vibration of yourself and the world.

2. Ignore And Overlook – This is not easy at first. When bad things are happening to you, you are asked to ignore them and just look somewhere else. Yes, I know, this sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s not. We were trained to react and get involved and that’s how we ended up where we are right now. Use your common sense as well. If something bad is happening and you can help to make it better, of course, you are going to do it. But in situations where there is nothing that you can do, you have to ignore it and overlook it.

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Watch Your Thoughts – They Turn Into Things

3. Watch Your Thoughts And Automatic Reactions – We let our thought run free with no discipline what so ever. Start watching your thoughts. You will be shocked at how negative your mind is. If you continue practicing, you will be able to be aware of your thoughts at all times and be able to re-direct them. The same goes for our automatic responses. We just assume that they are automatic and we have no control over them. We do, but it takes diligence in practicing becoming aware of them first before you can control them.

4. Meditate And Reflect – spend time with yourself. Be quiet and listen to the voice and visions inside of you. By calming your mind you will be raising the vibration of yourself and the world.

5. Seek True Joy And Happiness (not temporary pleasures) – the first step is understanding the difference between pleasure and true happiness. Most people chase pleasure as they have never experienced true joy. Pleasure is always temporary and fleeting, whereas true joy and happiness is everlasting. If you do not understand the difference, don’t worry. You will just have to trust me until you are able to find it in yourself. True joy and happiness are in you. They are buried deep down inside of you behind every expectation that society put on you. They are behind your current beliefs and values.

You cannot get them in the physical world. You will need to quiet your mind and body and temporarily withdraw your attention from the outside world and focus on the inside. Not only you will be rewarded for your efforts in finding everlasting joy and happiness but you will also be raising the vibration of the world and saving it from misery and pain at the same time.

To clarify, I’m not suggesting that you will stop living your life and start doing nothing. But I am suggesting that you gradually start introducing periods of time when you focus on rising your vibration. To the world, it will appear like you are doing nothing, where in fact you are doing so much.

You are saving the world.

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How I Am Saving The World

“Today my heart is focused on the vibrational energy that my world is in harmony with the Universe.” ― Debbie A. Anderson

This is how I am saving the world:

– being very vigilant against negativity

Every minute of the waking day I stay vigilant and do not let any negativity in. Yes, things do happen, circumstances change, and people behave in certain ways but I do not let that bother me. Before you react to anything that happens, there is a nano-second – a little pause that gives you a chance to decide how you want to react. I do not allow myself to judge and go down the negative path. This takes practice at first, but with a little intention and dedication, you will be able to catch the little pause before your habitual response system kicks in.

– by not resisting

Somehow we think that if we resist something that we do not like, it will change. The truth is very far from it. What you resist persists. If everything is energy and vibration, resisting keeps you stuck in the exact low vibration that you are trying to change. This will only work if you keep in mind that everything is energy. In that way, you are making change where it matters. You are changing the cause and allowing the effects to naturally change as a result.

– by allowing life to flow through me

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Allow Life To Flow Through You

And we are back at the energy level. There is a universal energy that is flowing through me. Somehow in my mind, I think I know better as I have a vision for how I want my life to be. But if I’m able to switch the perspective back to the energy and vibration level, none of that makes any difference. Do I really want this specific house or do I want the feeling that I think this specific house will give me?

The same goes for everything, we think we want specific things because we want to feel specific feelings that we think those things will give us.

So, why not take a shortcut?

Forget the specific things that you think you want and skip to the end and focus on the specific feeling that you think you will get as a result of getting the things.

Now, do you really need the house or do we have the ability to find those specific feelings in us right now?

YES, you can reach those feeling right now without having the house.

You can use your imagination to jump-start but then it’s best to let it go and not focus on specifics. Let the rising vibration take you where you want to go, how you want to feel, and beyond.

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Don’t Let The Judgment Bother You

“Understanding vibrations helps us in making decision for building positive circumstances within us instead of outside.”― Hina Hashmi

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Don’t Let The Judgment Bother You

To the outside world, it looks like I’m doing nothing. The world still judges based on outdated criteria. The world judges in terms of doing and completely ignores the being part.

We live in the physical world of doing, I understand that do and I do what needs to be done but I also strive for a balance of doing and being. We are human beings, not human doings.

I had a full year when to the outside world I did nothing. But that was my busiest year ever.

I spent time meditating, and being very vigilant in watching my every thought and my every reaction. I practiced non-judgement and observed my feelings and emotions. I practiced building new pathways in my brain, redirecting the automatic habitual negative responses to events in my life.

I’ve done so much but as the world judges it, I have done absolutely nothing. I haven’t painted the house, I haven’t re-decorated it, and I have not done a million other things that the world wanted me to do.

But I worked on myself.

I raised my vibration and the vibration of the entire world with it.

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How Are You Saving The World?

“Everything That Is, is the result of vibration. And if you don’t like the result, change the vibration, that’s all!

‘How do I change a vibration?’

Think differently.

‘Well, how do I think differently? That’s the way I’ve always thought.’

Well, start paying attention to how the thoughts feel instead of the content of the thought.”

Abraham Hicks

Now you know how I am saving the world?

How are you saving the world?

What are you doing daily to create a world of beauty and love?

How are you raising the vibration to eliminate pain and suffering in the entire world?

I hope you have enjoyed the article. I truly hope that you will give try to some of the activities I suggested. I really think it’s time to do something about this sad world that we are living in. I would love to hear your opinion on it. What else can we do to help the world?

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