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The Way To Happiness – A Course In Miracles Review

A Course In Miracles soft cover book with a grass background

Have you also been chasing joy and happiness?

Because I have, for a very long time now.

I’m not talking about pleasure, because that we can make for ourselves. I’m talking about true, deep, unchanging joy and happiness.

A Course In Miracles promises that. The book claims to be the way to happiness and joy.

But is it?


Abraham Hicks – Great Spiritual Teacher

Abraham Hicks is the go to spiritual teacher whenever I get lost in the world and need to be reminded of what is important.

Who Is Abraham?

Abraham is a group consciousness that is channeled from a non-physical dimension. To me, Abraham is a spiritual teacher. He is channeled by Esther Hicks, but anyone can align with the consciousness of Abraham and be the channel of that energy. You can learn more about it here.