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Is It Depression Or Spiritual Awakening

is it depression or spiritual awakening

As a person with a history of depression, I definitely had strong views and opinions about it. However, this time around, something was different. It was feeling the same but different enough that it triggered me to ask the question: is it depression or spiritual awakening?


Spiritual Transformation Signs – What Is Happening?

Spiritual Transformation Signs

There are many signs indicating that we are going through a spiritual transformation. For the most part, this is a very personal process and everyone goes through it in their own way. Generally, the first signs are quite uncomfortable and often painful. At first, they cause serious disorientation and often confusion. We spent our lives developing our self identity and beliefs so when the process of undoing it all begins, it usually causes great amount of suffering. There is a good news too! The signs that follow the initial uncomfortable stage are much more positive and pleasant.