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Who Controls Our Thoughts?

who controls our thoughts

Have you ever wondered about the thoughts in our minds?

What are they?

Where do they come from?

Who controls them?

Before we can try to answer our question, who controls our thoughts, we first need to understand the nature of our thoughts.


What’s The Point Of Living?

What’s The Point Of Living?

Am I really the only one asking what is the point of living?

Don’t get me wrong, I like living and I don’t want to stop living any time soon but I can’t help but wonder what is the point.

Maybe it’s just the stage of my life that I am at?

Or maybe I have too much time on my hands?

But I really want to know what is the point of living?


Is My Life A Dream?

Is My Life A Dream?

Many of us have asked the question; is my life a dream?

But can there ever be a definitive answer to that question?

Probably not, as dreams have the tendency of appearing real until we wake up and realize it was just a dream.

However, there are many indications that our life is just a dream and not the reality we think it is.


Is Silence Full Of Answers?

Is Silence Full Of Answers

We all have questions that we are seeking answers to.

Our questioning mind assumes that the answers will come, if at all, in the future.

Often we think we need to actively look for the answers out in the world.

Not many realize that we can have all the answers to all our questions right now.

Not many realize that all answers can be found in silence,

So, is silence full of answers?

And if so, how do we become silent so that all answers come to us?


How To Be Free Of Fear?

freedom .broken chains, How To Be Free Of Fear?

No one likes fear because intuitively we know that we were meant to feel only love.

Some of us have justified the existence of fear in our lives by thinking that it is useful.

It is not.

The only useful function it serves is that it lets us know that something has gone wrong and hopefully forces us to start asking and contemplating.

Fear is the opposite of love.

We are pure love.

Therefore, when we start experiencing fear in our lives we have allowed illusions as to who we really are into our hearts and minds and we started believing them.

It’s time to ask ourselves: how to be free of fear?


How Projection Makes Perception?

How Projection Makes Perception?

Our perception of the world is a projection that is coming from our mind. We have total control over what we perceive. Furthermore, we can change what we perceive by changing our minds. In fact, the only way to make lasting changes is to change our minds and as a result change our perception. But first, let’s examine how projection makes perception?


Are You Ready To Be Happy?

Are You Ready To Be Happy?

Of course! Yes! Absolutely!

Those are the answers that everyone will give if asked, are you ready to be happy?

However, the question is not as simple as it seems.

If it was, most of us would be happy by now.

So why are we not happy?

What is holding us back?

Let’s dive in and explore.


What Is Divine Love? – And How Can We Reach It?

What Is Divine Love? heart, fractal love

Ever wondered if the love that we feel as humans is real?

Every love is divine but the love most humans know is based on lack therefore is not true love.

That’s why a distinction between love and divine love is even possible.

So, what is divine love then?

Is it possible for us to experience divine love?

What can we do to feel it?


The Meaning Of Fireflies – A Surprising Encounter

The Meaning Of Fireflies - A Surprising Encounter

Has your life ever felt so dark that there was no hope for a better tomorrow?

Were you ever in a situation where you couldn’t even imagine what a better tomorrow looks like?

Well, I have.

But just as I thought things could not get any darker, one dark night I stepped outside on my porch and
found myself surrendered by sparkling stars all around me.

First I thought there was something wrong with my eyes, but then I realized what was happening.

I was visited by fireflies, and not just one or two but so many on them, close and far.

A feeling of calm and tranquility came over me as I have recognized the wonderful message of hope from within.

As I contemplated on the meaning of fireflies and the surprising encounter, a sense of hope arose from within and my world did not seem so dark anymore.