Month: March 2022

How To Transcend Reality?

transcendence, person, light, transcending reality

For some of us, a time will come when the typical life will not be enough.

A time will come when we will ask the question: how to transcend reality?

It will usually come after many trials of chasing different things in an attempt to achieve fulfillment and happiness.

At least, that’s how it happened for me.


How To Find My Power?

How To Find My Power, girl, galaxy, inner power

We all want power. Or we think that we do.

We believe that power will allow us to control circumstances and eliminate fear from our lives.

But that is incorrect.

There is real power in each and every one of us that is easy to be re-discovered.

But it’s not the kind of power that most people think of.

So how do we embark on the journey?