Month: December 2021

The Disappearance Of The Self

face, sad, water, tears, disappearing

Everything is shaky.

I can feel myself dissolving.

My entire world is slowly disappearing.

I want it to be a very exciting process but right now it’s just terrifying.

It took years to painstakingly build this image of myself and a part of me is fighting so hard not to let it go.

My memories are fading, and my vision gets blurry.

My mind is terrified, and waves of panic overtake my body frequently.

This was supposed to be a gentle transition, but it feels very far from gentle.

My mind is scared, and my body is feeling the violent effects of that.


Why Practice Forgiveness?

forgiveness, freedom, beauty, happiness

Like most things in our lives, we have the concept of forgiveness completely wrong.

When we think about forgiveness, we imagined being wronged by someone and then rising above the sense of being wronged and trying to forget it.

This is practice is not sustainable and quite impossible to achieve.