Month: September 2021

What’s The Point Of Living?

What’s The Point Of Living?

Am I really the only one asking what is the point of living?

Don’t get me wrong, I like living and I don’t want to stop living any time soon but I can’t help but wonder what is the point.

Maybe it’s just the stage of my life that I am at?

Or maybe I have too much time on my hands?

But I really want to know what is the point of living?


Is My Life A Dream?

Is My Life A Dream?

Many of us have asked the question; is my life a dream?

But can there ever be a definitive answer to that question?

Probably not, as dreams have the tendency of appearing real until we wake up and realize it was just a dream.

However, there are many indications that our life is just a dream and not the reality we think it is.


Is Silence Full Of Answers?

Is Silence Full Of Answers

We all have questions that we are seeking answers to.

Our questioning mind assumes that the answers will come, if at all, in the future.

Often we think we need to actively look for the answers out in the world.

Not many realize that we can have all the answers to all our questions right now.

Not many realize that all answers can be found in silence,

So, is silence full of answers?

And if so, how do we become silent so that all answers come to us?