Month: August 2021

How To Be Free Of Fear?

freedom .broken chains, How To Be Free Of Fear?

No one likes fear because intuitively we know that we were meant to feel only love.

Some of us have justified the existence of fear in our lives by thinking that it is useful.

It is not.

The only useful function it serves is that it lets us know that something has gone wrong and hopefully forces us to start asking and contemplating.

Fear is the opposite of love.

We are pure love.

Therefore, when we start experiencing fear in our lives we have allowed illusions as to who we really are into our hearts and minds and we started believing them.

It’s time to ask ourselves: how to be free of fear?


How Projection Makes Perception?

How Projection Makes Perception?

Our perception of the world is a projection that is coming from our mind. We have total control over what we perceive. Furthermore, we can change what we perceive by changing our minds. In fact, the only way to make lasting changes is to change our minds and as a result change our perception. But first, let’s examine how projection makes perception?