Month: July 2021

Are You Ready To Be Happy?

Are You Ready To Be Happy?

Of course! Yes! Absolutely!

Those are the answers that everyone will give if asked, are you ready to be happy?

However, the question is not as simple as it seems.

If it was, most of us would be happy by now.

So why are we not happy?

What is holding us back?

Let’s dive in and explore.


What Is Divine Love? – And How Can We Reach It?

What Is Divine Love? heart, fractal love

Ever wondered if the love that we feel as humans is real?

Every love is divine but the love most humans know is based on lack therefore is not true love.

That’s why a distinction between love and divine love is even possible.

So, what is divine love then?

Is it possible for us to experience divine love?

What can we do to feel it?


The Meaning Of Fireflies – A Surprising Encounter

The Meaning Of Fireflies - A Surprising Encounter

Has your life ever felt so dark that there was no hope for a better tomorrow?

Were you ever in a situation where you couldn’t even imagine what a better tomorrow looks like?

Well, I have.

But just as I thought things could not get any darker, one dark night I stepped outside on my porch and
found myself surrendered by sparkling stars all around me.

First I thought there was something wrong with my eyes, but then I realized what was happening.

I was visited by fireflies, and not just one or two but so many on them, close and far.

A feeling of calm and tranquility came over me as I have recognized the wonderful message of hope from within.

As I contemplated on the meaning of fireflies and the surprising encounter, a sense of hope arose from within and my world did not seem so dark anymore.


How To Trust The Universe? – And Re-discover Your Power

How To Trust The Universe?

If we were 100% honest with ourselves, what can we actually predict or control?

If we believe that we can control and predict a lot in our lives, then we have every reason to be nervous, anxious and fearful.

What do we have in us that we can count on to help us do that?

What gives us the ability to be aware of all the aspects of any problem and seeking solutions in such a way that only good can come of it?


In our current awareness, we do not possess the ability but we could, if we learn to trust the universe.

The universe knows everything, it knows all aspects of any problem and it knows of solutions that only good will come out of them.

If we want to gain the recognition of the right conclusions and the guarantee that it will be accomplished we have to lean how to trust the universe.


What Is The True Meaning Of Anxiety?

What Is The True Meaning Of Anxiety?

Crippling anxiety, on and off, has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

You know, the kind that completely overpowers you so much that you think you will literally fall to pieces and die.

Surges of overwhelming panic, nausea, and stomach cramps.

Like most people with similar experiences, I would turn to doctors, therapists and medication to help with the sever symptoms.

Until one day I woke up with a very strong feeling that there might be more to the experience than meets the eye.

That’s when I started asking what is the true meaning of anxiety?

Are you ready to explore this further with me?