Month: May 2021

Learn How To Be Still – And Discover A New World

water drop, grass blue light

If you are like most people, you struggle to be still.

You have heard of the amazing benefits of meditation and you have tried to sit still but you find it’s extremely hard.

There just seems to a million more interesting and more important things to do.

But if we want to discover a new world within us, we need to learn how to be still.

You have heard the call, otherwise you would not be reading this.

Follow the voice, it will get louder as you learn to be more quiet and sit in stillness.


Life Lessons From The Trees

black forest, sun shining through the trees

For as long as I can remember, I loved trees.

As a child, I used to climb them and spend hours sitting in their branches.

As an adult, I don’t climb them anymore but I hug them and lean on them and chill under them in the summer months.

With time, I realized that I learned many life lessons from the trees.

As I spend time with them, silently they “whisper” words of wisdom to me.


The Way To Happiness – A Course In Miracles Review

A Course In Miracles soft cover book with a grass background

Have you also been chasing joy and happiness?

Because I have, for a very long time now.

I’m not talking about pleasure, because that we can make for ourselves. I’m talking about true, deep, unchanging joy and happiness.

A Course In Miracles promises that. The book claims to be the way to happiness and joy.

But is it?


Are We All One? – And Why Is That Terrifying?

Are We All One?

Our world is based on the idea that we are all separate beings and we live our individual lives.

But what if we have it backwards?

And what would happen if when we ask, are we all one, the answer was YES.

How different would our lives and the world be if we truly believed that we are all one?

Those are very big questions. Questions that have the potential to make the current world disappear.

Do we have the courage to look for honest answers?


Abraham Hicks Quotes – Inspirational Words Of Encouragement

Abraham Hicks Quotes

Abraham Hicks has been my spiritual teacher for a long time. It was Ester that introduced me to the possibility of seeing the world in a different view. Abraham Hicks quotes are my favorite go to inspirational words of encouragement. No matter where life takes me, Abraham Hicks always manages to give a message of hope and upliftment.

1. What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling – every single time.

2. Everyone lives the reality of what they expect.


What Is Self Discovery? – Why Is Self Discovery Important?

What Is Self Discovery? - Why Is Self Discovery Important?

Great news, if you are alive, you are already on a self discovery journey.

As events occur and circumstances appear in your life, you have the potential to learn more and more about yourself, to discover the authentic self.

You can choose to live your life, continue unconsciously reacting to situations and people that happen in your life, or you can decide to use a different approach and look for a deeper meaning to yourself and everything that is happening around you. Continue…